April 2023

The current issue „Der blaue Reiter – Leibesübungen“  includes Jörg Schellers  essay „Sculpo, ergo sum“. The text is accompanied by illustrations of my paintings „Fetisch“ (2019) and „Anabol“ (2020)






June 2022


Me in conversation with Eugen El and Francisco Guerrero, about my works in the exhibition „Body Buildings“ at AusstellungsHalle 1a in Frankfurt,  autumn 2021. The film was created by Eva Weingärtner and Stefan Maaß



November 2021


My catalog „Corpus Cultus“ is avaiable by Kann Verlag Frankfurt. With texts by Jörg Scheller and Christian Janecke.


80 pages.


ISBN 978-3-949312-16-8



May 2021

Jörg Scheller mentions my sculpture „Jusup“ in his article „Are Bodybuilders Contemporary Artists?“ in issue 219 of Frieze Magazine.




January 2021

Article by Eugen El published in the FAZ on January the 9th 2021.